Makan di BigFood, Johor Bharu

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Assalamualaikum semua.

awww so cute..<3

I've travelled to Johor Bahru a couple of weeks ago for attending Afgan's concert. Bila ingat ingat balik omgee I'm super duper excited just cakap pasal Afgan. Seriously I crossed my bucketlist happily guyssss *matalovelove

During that time, I made a decision to drop by BigFood to dine there and experience the food first hand since I got a lot recommendation from my roomate, sister and others. It was a late lunch and yes the restaurant had just a few costumers.

 Pasta Chicken Arrabiata, RM 20

Mushroom Beef Burger, RM 20

 Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop, RM 18

Muka kenyang sebab dah ready pi jumpa Afgan.

The food was okay. There's a lot of choices. The servings are big, suits the price. Love the ambiance and the variety, as well as the big portion served. 

Jalan Nong Chik Heights,
Taman Nong Chik, Johor Bahru.

Tak dapat jumpa Afgan kat Jogja. Tapi jumpa kat Malaysiaaa...

Sedar tak nak dekat dah bulan Ramadhan?

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komen je. Tak kena bayar pun. OHOHO